People who help us – Fire 🔥🔥🔥

Tis week we are learning all about fire men and women and what they do to help us. 

We started the week outside building a fire engine!

“That’s the ladder and look we can do the water in the hose”   
We have been focusing on our shape names this week and built some rectangles, triangles and squares. 

Some of us practiced our initial sounds…!  



People who help us – Doctors, paramedics and dentists 👷🏽🚑🚔🏥💉

This week we have been learning about doctors and dentists!

 We absolutely loved our hospital role play…


“You poorly you gonna need a shot”

“I just make you a appointment on the computer”

We learnt about the skeleton and that we have lots and lots of bones that hold our bodies up!

Some of the children enjoyed the toy hospital… We had some very sick teddy bears!

The children made their own stethoscopes and listened t each other’s heart beats. 

As part of book week we teamed up with Year three to do some paired reading. 

We really enjoyed syringe painting too!

We enjoyed learning about dentists and the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day!

Even though we couldn’t go outside in the snow, we bought the snow into the classroom and loved it!!


Chinese New Year 🐃🐅🐄🐖🐐🐓🐇🐉

We have been learning all about the story of Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated!

Our Chinese restaurant was really fun… 

“I have some rice and noodles please”

“Do you got any spaghetti?”

“That will be £900 please”

We loved acting out the story with the small world animals!  
Our new writing and mark making area was great!


“I made a pink dragon like the story!”  
We enjoyed trying to write Chinese words and numbers!

This one says “goat”

We learnt to write some numbers in Chinese too. 

We had a lot of fun trying to eat our lunch with chopsticks this week too!


  We even got to try some fortune cookies. 




  Look at our scary Chinese dragons!


We have also been working very hard with our counting and number recognition and formation!






To finish off our Chinese New Year week, we made some dog masks to remind us that it is the year of the dog.   





Three little pigs 🐷

 This week we began learning about the three little pigs! Some of us did some mark making…

Lots of us played in our new building site role play area…
Some of us designed our own buildings…

We loved making wolf soup!

Lots and lots of construction happened his week…


For outdoor learning this week with Miss Allinson we went into the mud kitchen and made wolf soup. Some of us added “shampoo”, “pineapple” and “okra”. 


Later on in the week we had a go at making patterns with Lego. We liked following the challenge cards and seeing if we could do it!


Stick houses and painting little piggies came next…

To finish off the week we made some Big Bad Wolf masks! Aaaaaah! How scary!

Next week it’s maths week and we are also learning about Jack and the Beanstalk! 🌱

Goldilocks and the three bears…

 We started off the week with outdoor learning! We used our trowels and rakes to dig up some soil and make some porridge for the three bears!  

We were also lucky enough to meet our ducks and chickens who live in the forest school area! Here we are giving them some breakfast…

“A big bowl for daddy bear, a medium bowl for mummy bear no a little one for baby bear!”

We have loved the small world three bears house… Filling up and emptying the bowls, feeding the Bears, reselling the story – the possibilities are endless!

We enjoyed painting some bears on Tuesday, some of us even painted the whole family!


Outside we have been working hard on our gross motor skills and trying to draw big daddy bear!    

We have really enjoyed using the buckets and spades in the sand pit and talking about full and empty. 

Oh no!! Who has been into our classroom?! What’s happened here?


“I knew it! It must have been Goldilocks!”



On Friday we had a teddy bear’s picnic! We bought in our favourite toy from home and had a picnic all together!

    We loved it! Deeeeelicious!







     Next week we’re learning all about the three little pigs…


Billy goats gruff!

This half term we are learning all about traditional tales! The first one we focused on was The Billy Goats Gruff. We had great fun mark making trolls on our whiteboards.    
We also made some playdough trolls on our finger gym table!

We loved making bridges for the goats to cross out of stickle bricks. 


Some of us made some super scary troll masks!
We have also had a maths focus  – counting the number of characters in our stories! This week we worked out that there are 3 goats in the story and worked out the different ways we can show the number 3!
With our fingers!

With our toys!

Later on in the week we used the Lego to make some houses for the goats to live in when they crossed over the river. 

Lots of us have been working hard on recognising letters in our name and beginning to write our whole names! We used these letters to try and spell our names. 


Monkey puzzle…

This week our book was Monkey Puzzle. We loved learning about all of the different jungle animals!

 Designing animal masks was our absolute favourite!  
Play dough jungles were lots of fun too. 

Our parrots are beautiful!    

We’ve been working on our counting and number recognition!